Our signs are all custom-designed just for you. We don’t use “cookie cutter” mass produced signs like others. Digital message centers, channel letters pole and pylon signs, we have done it all. You name it, chance are we have probably done it.

With over 42 years designing, fabricating, and installing signs, Encore Reimage, LLC will create the perfect sign for you. Image, location identification, professionalism and quality will tell the passing public that YOU are a step above and beyond your competitor down the street. You signs function is to bring potential new clients into your business on a daily basis. Your function is to bring them back!

Interior And Exterior Commercial Signage

A high-quality custom sign can provide incredible ROI. Exterior signage will help potential customers find your storefront, while secondary signage--like an electronic message board--can prime them to make a purchase like an electronic message board. A building sign sets the initial tone of your business to a customer, and a poorly-made sign can hurt your business.

If you’re ready to generate more business, get more and better leads, and further define and develop your brand, contact Encore Reimage today and set up a consultation.

Our Process

Signs are an investment in the future of your business. Encore Reimage takes careful consideration of your unique needs and desires when we build your sign. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your sign is not only what you want but successfully draws business to your storefront.

Sign Consultation

It all begins here. We’ll sit down with you and discuss your vision, the goals of your business, and what you need from a sign. We’ll also discuss your city’s permitting process and sign requirements so we can factor those into your final design.

Artwork & Quote

Our team of in-house graphic designers will begin working on your sign and designing something that meets your needs. With over 4 decades, 15,000 + clients in all 50 states, WE KNOW HOW TO DO THIS! And get it done. We work with you until it is perfect.

It cost the same amount of money to create and ugly sign with no thought or creativity, as it does a spectacular design. If you are going to spend the money, don’t you want the best?

Approval & Permitting

Once we’ve finished our design, we send it to you for final approval. When you sign off the design, we’ll begin working with the city to get a permit to build the sign. We’ll handle all the permitting. Our experience in this industry allows us to get permits quickly, which keeps the project on schedule. Nothing goes to production unless and until you have given the final sign off to move forward.

Fabrication & Installation

Once the city approves your sign and we have your permit, we’ll begin the fabrication process. Depending on the complexity of your sign, this may take a few weeks. Electronic Message Boards will take additional time. When the sign is completed, we’ll install it and train you or your representative in its use.

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