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Prepared to Handle Every Aspect of Your Signage

Encore Reimage, LLC specializes in design, and creating visually stunning, eye catching signage. Design is EVERTHING, and there is no substitute. With over 4 decades of design experience, we have installed over 15,000 of the greatest signs in America.

Encore Reimage, LLC has helped thousands of business’s catch the eye of your passing public while defining their brand and image. We can do the same for you.

Signs don’t cost money, they make money. The right sign assure the future success of your business and generates new customers daily. Owning and running a business is hard enough as it is. Why add to that?

Encore Reimage works side by side with you from start to finish. There are many ways to do this “wrong” There is only one way to do it right! When finished, your sign will be exactly what you wanted, and draw new customers to your business.

Signs For Your Business

Commercial Sign Repair
& Consulting in East Texas

The right sign can bring in clients who are prepared and primed to purchase. A bad sign can send them running to your competitor. It’s easy to make a bad sign. Making a good sign is an art form that requires creativity, attention to detail, and dedication.

We’re not just a signage maker. We also offer a full range of repair services. We specialize in helping businesses repair electronic message boards and neon signs. If your LED sign has black spots, tearing, blurring, or another problem, contact us today. We’ll send someone out to evaluate your sign and get it working properly.

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